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#18 of 50 – Artichoke’s Heart

Artichoke's Heart (Hardcover) ~ Suzanne Supplee (Author) Cover Art

#17 of 50 – Words of Silk

Yes, I read a romance novel.  I thought I should try something different.  I don’t usually read romance novels, but after reading Like Water…, I assumed I’d like another one as well.

This was an ok book, but I have definitely read better.  I know Sandra Brown is usually on the bestseller lists (right?), and I thought I’d enjoy this one, but it began to get pretty ‘stale’ and predictable.  It was also unrealistic to me.  Then again, I guess romance novels are usually unrealistic, right?

It was about this woman who meets a man on an elevator during a blackout, he makes her feel ‘safe,’ and they have a fleeting (a few hours) romantic hookup.  Months later, the woman discovers she’s pregnant.  The man finds her (really now) and moves in with her, although she is miles and miles away from him.  This really sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it?  The rest of the book deals with their spontaneous relationship.  In my opinion, the novel gets bogged down with the main character’s (I forget her name) constant memory of the night that she met this man.  Over and over again, she remembers the romantic night they spent together.   Tedious.  It really made me wonder why people love these novels so much.  I also came away from the book wondering if women really believed in this sort of thing.  How many men are really going to hunt down a woman who they’ve known for less than a day?  This man was just too good to be true.  I don’t want to tell too much about what happened, in case you want to read the book.  Have fun, maybe it’s your cup of tea, but I don’t think I’ll be reading too many books by this author in the future. 

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Like Water for Chocolate

Okay, I finished this book weeks ago, but I’m just getting back to the blog.  I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus.  Please accept my apologies :o) 


Some who know me personally know that I have been extremely busy lately.

I really loved this book and throughout was cheering for Tia, or was it Tita?  I really did not like her mother.  Again, the writing was top notch—what a different style.  It’s not every book that truly feels like ‘literature,’ so kudos to the author.  Everyone may not appreciate this book, but bookworms and romantics are sure to love this offering.  I’m not a lover of romance novels, but this is close, I guess. 

Oh, and if you like to cook, or if you just like food, the book caters to that interest as well.  Each chapter is linked to a recipe/Tia’s love for food.  I’m sure there was some type of symbolic tie-in with the recipes and what was going on in Tia’s life, but I was trying to get through the book and didn’t really have time to stop and analyze everything.  I know it made me hungry.

I’m looking for the movie now.  I don’t want to buy it, so I’m hoping I can borrow it from the library.  I hope it’s in English.  Don’t feel like reading the lines, if you know what I mean.

#16 of 50 – Like Water for Chocolate

I took a break from Rev. Black.  We all know what he’s up to.  I decided instead, to read this book I’ve been thinking about for a while.  The author has a very different writing style from the books I’ve read recently.  It’s obvious that she really thought about this novel, which is infused with recipes and remedies.  It’s quite an adventure.  I haven’t quite finished it, but I’m sure I will finish reading this love story tonight.  Wonderful book, I’m trying to get the movie.  I’m not sure if I’ve seen it before or not.  I have seen the movie, Simply Irresistible, which is similar, and I think it may have been inspired by this novel.


A few brief comments I have about this book:  “Really wild and crazy things happening!”

“Makes you hungry for love and a taste of Mexico.”

“Love it!”

“Fantastic use of language and imagery”

“Creativity at its best”

“How did she (author) ever think of this?”

“Don’t mess with true love!”

“Mama Elena…..*!@%#$@$#$ @$#$#%#%#$# #$#%$^!&&^ *$”

“Go Tita!”



#15 of 50 – Love and Lies

Just gets better and better.  I’ll be back.

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